Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Christmas Tree!

I put up the big Christmas Tree in our Living Room the weekend before Thanksgiving!  I LOVE our Christmas tree and I wanted to be able to enjoy it so I'm glad that I decided to put it up early.  We have an artificial tree and I am SO glad we do!  I can't stand pine needles and sap-yuck!  It does make Graig a little sad because when he was in high school he worked at a Christmas Tree farm.  For a few years we did have real trees and then the first year we lived in our house our real Christmas tree fell down right on Brock!  I threw that tree out the front door and we have had a fake tree every year since- ha ha!

We also have a smaller tree in our Office and Brock and Ava each have a tree in their rooms.  We LOVE Christmas trees. 

Our Christmas tree theme is color!  We have lots of different colors and many different ornaments on our tree.  Every time we go on vacation somewhere I get an ornament from that vacation.  I also like to get an ornament that will remind us of what we did that year.  This year I am getting a baseball themed ornament for our family because we went to SO many baseball games this year!

Happy Monday!