Sunday, December 19, 2010

weekend wrap up!

This weekend wasn't too exciting around our house. I am still recovering from having my tonsils out.
 We did go to Sunday School and Church this morning and tonight we went to look at Christmas lights and that was fun!  I love looking at lights before Christmas.  Ava loves lights too so we try to go a few times during December.

At Sunday school we all stayed downstairs in our gym instead of going to our classrooms.  All the kids made ornaments which was fun to do.  Here are Ava's ornaments. 

Ava also had practice for a dance that she is going to do with some other girls on Christmas eve at our Church service.  She is an Angel.  She is going to wear her hair curled so we practiced today because I am not so good with hair-ha ha!  I did it with a curling iron and it took an hour but I think she looks adorable. 
Here she is with her friend our neighbor Sarah.

Here is the back of her hair, it's SO thick!

I hope you had a good weekend!


Michelle said...

Ava's hair looks great!!!