Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Easy Christmas gifts

I made these Mason Jar cookies a few weeks ago to give as gifts to our neighbors and as little teacher gifts.  They were super easy to make I just added the burlap and the ribbon and added the directions on how to make the cookies.
Here is a link on how to make them. I made four of them in about an hour!

Here's the tag that I made

I also like giving Bath and Body works candles!  Last week they were 2 for $20!  I love when I find good deals like that!  I also LOVE that they wrap them up for you so they are ready to give!

Tonight Brock had his last basketball game of the year it's always fun to watch him play and I can tell that Graig is SO proud of him!  Brock and Ava have two more days of school and I have two more days of work until we're off for Christmas break!  I can't wait!