Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Card Holder

A few months ago my friend Sabrina and I made  white boards.  I wrote a post about them here
I used mine at home and she took hers to her work.  It looks SO cute in her office. Anyway, I used mine at home and it never really worked because I already have a large chalkboard that I can write on. 

So I decided to take my white board out of my frame.  I  put some wire in my frame and added mini clothes pins so I could put our Christmas cards on it.  I saw these done on other blogs and I really liked them so I am glad that I decided to make my own!    I have also seen these for lots of $$$$ in the Pottery Barn Catalog. 

I don't have too many Christmas cards yet so I just put some random stuff on it for now.  After Christmas I will put school notes, invitations, and pictures on it so I can use this year round.  I love quick and easy projects like this! 


Janna said...

This is really cute.

AG said...

I love it! It made me remember that I still have a large black frame over at your house. So if you feel like making mine...feel free. hahaha. kidding. I hope you are feeling okay! I want to stop by soon. miss you!