Monday, July 25, 2011

Ava's ballet camp

For the past two weeks Ava has been spending her days at ballet camp.  Friday was her last day and the studio put on a little show so we could see what the girls have been learning at camp.  It was a cute show but SO hot!  There is no AC in the studio and it was about 95 degrees outside on Friday.  As soon as the show got over we got in the car and I turned the AC up to high and we drove to get ice cream right away to cool down.

I took about 50 pictures using the action setting on my camera.  Ava knew I was taking her picture and didn't want to smile-ha ha!  She is such a stinker sometimes!

Ava's "cousin" Eliza came to the show to see her.  Ava was thrilled that she and her mom Sabrina  were there! 

After her recital we had to go up to campus so I could go to a reception.  Ava went with me and she was THRILLED when she saw her favorite student Marissa!   Marissa is an education major and is SO good with Ava.  She always makes her feel so special.  They have fun together!  I love this picture of them. 

 We are visiting my family in Illinois and Iowa this week.  I love, love, love being in Illinois.  Even though we have lived in NY for 12 years I still feel like Illinois is my home and I am so happy to be back!