Friday, July 29, 2011

our week at Shelby's!

Monday morning we left my Dad's house to travel to my sister's house in Iowa. We were excited to see Ainsley and to see their new house!  Warning-this post contains A LOT of pictures-ha ha!

Ryan, Ava feeding Ainsley and Brock

Brock feeding Ainsley.  Ainsley is just like Shelby and LOVES to eat. 

I love this picture of Ainsley.  Shelby always has the cutest bows in her hair. 

This is the best picture of Brock and Ainsley!  He looks SO happy and she loves hanging out with her cousin Brock!
Brock was so good with Ainsley he loves holding her and playing with her.  Brock and Ava fought about who got to hold Ainsley all week. 

One day while Shelby was at work we took Brock on his first college tour at the University of Iowa.  The campus is beautiful!  Here is a picture of the old capital on campus.  It  was 100 degrees on the day of our tour.  We decided that in the future we will only visit colleges in the spring or fall when it's cooler!

After leaving campus we headed to the mall to eat lunch and do a little shopping.  While we were there Shelby and Ava took Ainsley on her first carousel ride!

I love this picture of the three of them.  Ava looks SO happy to be holding Ainsley!

Ava on her horse!

Brock, Vicki and Dad

Here is Brock, Ava, me and Shelby

We also took Brock and Ava ice skating.  Ava didn't really like it but Brock loved it!  Here is in on the ice!

We have had a great time visiting with my family!  We still have a few days left before we head home.  Brock is getting his tonsils out net week so we are trying to squeeze out the last bit of summer fun before his operation.  Happy Friday!! 


Sabrina said...

Look's like you guys had a great time, enjoy your last couple of days and have a safe trip home. Miss you.