Thursday, July 28, 2011

Visiting Family!

This week Brock, Ava and I have been in Illinois and Iowa visiting my family.  It's been fun to spend time with them.  We have been doing a lot of eating, shopping, hunting for antiques, swimming and loving on little Ainsley. 
Here are some pictures from this fun week.

These are pictures from when we visited EIU. The University where my Mom, Dad, Shelby attended and where Shelby and I met our husbands!  It was fun to go back and see all the changes. 

Graig couldn't come with us this time but he asked me to take a picture of Brock on this hill at EIU that Brock loved playing on when he was a baby
As you can tell Brock is thrilled by taking all of these pictures!

About 5 seconds after this picture.  Brock tripped Ava and she fell down the hill.  They drive me CRAZY sometimes-ha ha!

We also visted Taylor Hall where we lived when Brock was born.

Here is Brock and Ava by our old front door
Here is Brock peeking in his old room.  They are doing construction on our old apartment and no one is living in there now so it wasn't creepy that he was peeking in.

These pictures are all from last Sunday and Monday.  I will show our pictures from Shelby's tomorrow.
Have a great night!


AG said...

looks like fun! I bet Brock loved seeing his first home.

I miss you and can't wait to see you when you get back next week. xoxo