Thursday, July 7, 2011


This has been the perfect summer week!  It's been beautiful here in NY and we have spent a lot of time outside enjoying this great weather.  Ava has had a good time spending the week with her Grandma Jan (except for last night when she got home sick and wanted to come home-ha ha) and Brock has been playing baseball games in the evenings and going to basketball camp during the days.  Graig and I grilled out steaks and got to eat dinner on the deck on Tuesday night which was really nice! 

Here are some things that made me smile this week.

As you have probably noticed Brock is not one for smiling in pictures.  I love his smile but he hates smiling in pictures.  After 13 (almost 14-yikes) years of me being his personal paparazzi and taking his picture all the time he is probably sick of me sticking a camera in his face.  So I was especially happy when I took looked at these pictures I took of him at a baseball game last weekend and  I saw him smiling!!

He said he saw me taking his pictures and he knew it would make me happy.  He can be so sweet!

Here is a picture of Brock and his friend Connor after the game.  Brock is trying really hard not to smile.  

I know I missed recipe Wednesday yesterday and this is the only recipe I tried last week.  It's called Jello Cake and it's really good!  Click here for the recipe.

I also love this new succulent plant I got at Lowe's. I love it so much I got a second one for our living room!

Tonight Brock has a basketball game so we are going to that and I hope we have time to eat out and do some shopping after his game!


Sabrina said...

Brock has a great smile, nice job capturing it.