Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family photo shoot

This morning before we left Shelby's house we decided to do a little photo shoot.  Shelby and I had grand plans for this photo shoot but Ainsley was tired and a little fussy and my Dad was anxious to get on the road so in the end we were happy that we got any pictures at all!

This picture is actually from last night.  We had pizza and ice cream cake to celebrate two birthdays-Brock and Shelby!

PaPa Bob with Brock, Ava and Ainsley. 

This is from this morning Ava, Brock and Ainsley.  Poor Ainsley Brock and Ava fought over her all week.  The both wanted to hold her all the time!

Sisters with their girls!

Vicki, Ainsley and Shelby

Ainsley and Ava!

Brock, Ava, Ainsley and me

 We had a great time visiting our family!  Thanks Shelby and Ryan and Dad and Vicki for your wonderful hospitality :) Tomorrow morning we head back to NY!