Friday, July 1, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover

This week I decided to give our bedroom a little makeover.  I have been looking FOREVER for a new comforter or quilt for our bed.  We have a king size bed and everything I have liked is SO expensive.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I decided to go to Wal-Mart to see that they had.  Also we live in a small town so it's really the only place to shop-ha ha!  I found an adorable quilt from the Better Homes and Gardens collection for only $26!  I couldn't believe it.  I also got some shams and they were only $6 each.

I also brought in accessories and pictures that I had in other areas of our house to complete the mini-makeover!

Ta-da!  Here is the whole room.  I love the way it turned out and it feels so comfortable.  I love being in my room now!

This is the window seat bench in our room.  I bought 2 shams for this area and added two blue pillows that I already had. 

 I brought up this crock from down stairs.  It has all my magazines and some books in it. 

This is Graig's night stand that I showed yesterday.  I bought this last weekend at a yard sale for $2.  It fits perfectly in the little space between our bed and the window. 

The top picture my friend Sabrina made for me.  The bottom picture I bought at the Dollar General.  Like I said shopping options are limited in our small town-ha ha!

I bought these hooks from Wal-Mart to organize my necklaces. 

This is our new gallery wall.  The artwork was made by Brock and Ava that I had hanging up in other places in our house.  The shutter I had in our garage.  I cleaned it up and added some pictures to it.  I saw this idea on a blog but I forgot which one.  If it's your blog thank you!  I loved this idea when I saw it. 

This is my night stand.  The little pitcher holds some nailpolish, lotion and some pens. 

I love having a lot a lot of pillow on our bed it makes our bed some cozy and comfortable.  Brock laid down on our bed and he said with all of the pillows he felt like he was in a hotel-ha ha!

This is Graig's dresser.  I got the white bowl for his wallet, keys, etc.  The clear glass jar is for change. 

This is my dresser.  I bought the turquoise tray at an antique store. The little turquoise bowl is from anthropologie and I put my earrings in it. 

I love having fresh flowers on my dresser.   I got these from our garden. 

I hope you liked our master bedroom mini-makeover!  Happy Friday!  I'm so glad it's the weekend.  We have a fun weekend planned-garage sailing,  baseball games, a cookout, a date night for Graig and me!


Janna said...

Your bedroom looks great! I love the picture of your mom and you on your bedside table.

Michelle said...

Your make over looks amazing! Love the bedspread and the necklace hooks!