Sunday, January 4, 2009


Graig took Brock and Ava sledding this afternoon. When Ava got home she was so tired. We ate dinner,she took a shower and 5 minutes later she was on the couch fast asleep. She was just so tired, poor thing!! Her American girl doll, Allison Ava, goes everywhere with her now. She loves her so much.

I almost finished taking down all of our Christmas decorations this weekend, the only thing I have left is taking down the little trees in Brock and Ava's rooms. They want to leave them up a few more days so I will probably take them down next weekend. I did keep up all my snowman stuff because it snows here until at least March!!

I also added some of my garland to this candle holder, I think it turned out cute!! Our house looks so empty and bare with all of our Christmas decorations down. I talked to my friend Allison tonight and we said that we need to have a craft night soon to make some something cute!


Pharmacist Erin said...

The garland in the candle is very cute! And Ava is just too precious !

Sweet Simplicity said...

She looks so sweet! Love the new blog look. I used to have that background. I just love it!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I know! Now that all the decorations are down, I need a new craft project. Everything seems so bare!

Life with Kaishon said...

I wish I lived near you because I want to make something pretty too : ). I feel the same way when all the Christmas stuff comes down. Kind of lost... : )

The Mrs. said...

So cute! Loving the pink and green blog header!