Wednesday, February 3, 2016


 Rachael and I decided to organize a monthly bunco night for our gal pals. It's on my 40x41 list so I can check this off the list!  We are going to start playing monthly.    Our first Bunco night was tonight! We took a selfie before we started.

Bunco is fun, easy  game and everyone rotates tables so you get to talk with everyone at the party. We all had a great time!!

Rachael and I made a few delicious snacks for our party guests.  Feta dip, homemade hummus and pita chips, veggies and dip and mini cheesecakes.

Here are some pictures of our drinks.

I also made sugar cookies as party favors.  Which sadly I did not get a picture of :-(. I really want to learn how to make good sugar cookies so I'm going start making them more.  

To make it fun everyone paid $5 and the winner took the pot. I put it on a chalkboard to keep us organized. 

Tomorrow Ava has her last basketball game of the season.  She's had a great time playing this year and she loves her team so much.  They had a team dinner last night at our neighbor's house which was so fun for the girls. 

I hope you had a great Wednesday!  Two days til the weekend-yay!!