Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lovely Saturday

I went to my friend Sabrina's to see her previous daughter Eliza all dressed up for the Father/Daughter dance.

  Ava and Graig went every year when she was younger. here is a picture of them from a few years ago.

This week my friend Rachael and I put this basket together for the father/daughter dance.  It was so fun picking out all the treasures for the basket.

After seeing Eliza off Sabrina and I went to a fundraising dinner at the high school.  One of the teachers and Brock's modified baseballl coach has cancer so they had a dinner fundraiser for him.  I'm glad we went and I hope the organizers raise a ton of money for him!  

After dinner I came home and read my books while Graig watched TV. It was a very relaxing Saturday.