Friday, February 5, 2016

Sweet surprises

ULast night when we were playing at the same bunco table my dear friends Stephanie, Rachael, Sabrina  gave me a pair of monogrammed earnings for my birthday.    These girls plus our BFF Melany got them way back in June when we went to Saratoga, NY for a girls weekend before Melany moved away.

Here's a couple of pictures of the 5 of us from that weekend.  We are all going to be reunited next month in Florida and I can't wait!

Here are the earrings they are perfect.  I love monograms and these are so cute.

Sabrina also made Jenni and I photo books to remember our birthday weekend.  This was a great surprise snd so thoughtful!   I loved looking at all the pictures.  It's a book I'll treasure forever!

Hope you had a great Thursday!