Thursday, February 18, 2016

Life lately

I think the sickness has finally left our house-it's been a loonnngggg few weeks and thankfully we are all feeling better!

This morning was my first day back to exercising after my surgery-yay!  I went on a walk at the track with Rachael but it felt good to get out there again!

It has snowed so much where Brock goes to school they cancelled classes!  He was so thrilled to get a snow day in College!  This is from the College's Facebook page. 

Ava has been on winter break this week so I took her for lunch at Brook's.

Tonight I had my swim class.  It was my first night back after being gone for my surgery and my sickness.  It was great to see everyone again!  I made them work extra hard tonight.  They want Michelle Obama arms for summer-ha h.  They are a great group and I love working with them on Tuesday's and Thursday's. We are going to put this picture on our YMCA Facebook page.