Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I got a big surprise yesterday morning when three friends "kidnapped" me for a day of birthday fun.

My neighbor Heidi texted me and wanted me to come over to help plan a party.  I went over and we sat at her kitchen table and she asked if I could help get decorations out of her van.  I  went outside and two other friends Heidi and Petrea  were waiting in the van for us!

I ran home and changed and put on some makeup and off we all went.  They wouldn't tell me where we were going it was a surprise!  

These two sweet girls were our drivers. 

We ended up in a beautiful spa in Saratoga.  

We changed into robes and spent the afternoon being pampered with a facial and a massage.  It was heavenly!!! 

Here are the four of us.  I love these ladies so much and was SO surprised.  It was a great birthday treat.  We had dinner and then headed home.  

It was a fabulous day!