Friday, February 5, 2016

Surgery Day!

 This morning I woke up bright and early because I had to get 2 varicose veins removed in my leg (I know I'm old-ha ha!)

I have known for a while I've needed to get this done and I've been dreading it!  I can't workout for a week and my leg is all bandaged up and uncomfortable.

One of my best friends Lisa was my nurse today during my surgery and it was so nice to have her with me during my operation.
Here is a picture of Lisa, me, Rachael and Lisa's sister Debbie a few weeks ago when we were celebrating Lisa's birthday.   

I sent this picture to a few friends as a joke  in case I didn't make it out of surgery ;-)

Lisa and the Doctor were so great during the procedure.  They made sure I was relaxed and comfortable and another nurse took pictures for me.  I am a freak-I wanted to know exactly what was happening and I wanted to see the veins they took out of my leg. 

Here are some pics during surgery. 

Here are my veins they took out.  A little gross but I wanted to see them.

After my surgery Graig was there and brought me home to rest.  

When I got home this sweet surprise was 
waiting for me on my counter from my friend Rachael.

I rested for a little bit and then my friend Heather picked me up for lunch she also took me to run a few errands which was so nice because I can't drive-ugghhh!!!

After Geather dropped me off I spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch relaxing and resting. 

Tonight I made us a chicken parm casserole that my friend Sabrina was sweet enough to put together for us.
The casserole was very similar to this deliciousness.

This weekend I'm supposed to rest and relax.  Sounds good to me!