Friday, February 26, 2016

Pasta Night

 Last year I went to a Pasta making class with my friend Jenn and her daughter Ashley.  We had the best time and swore we would get together and do it again.

Fast forward to 10 months later and we finally got around to getting together and making it!

There are only four ingredients-flour, salt, olive oil snd eggs. we used fresh eggs from Jenn's chickens :-)

First we mixed the dough.  This step took a lot of patience.  Here I am hard at work while Jenn reads the recipe.

Then we had to knead it.  This is Jenn's daughter Ashley. Big things happened for Ashley since our last pasta night-- she graduated with her PhD in physics and had a beautiful baby girl Claire.  

Here we are running the pasta through the pasta maker.  Jenn bought the Kitchen Aid attachment after our class and it made making pasta SO easy. 

Jenn with 7 week old baby Claire :-) 

We had to run the pasta through the machine 9 times to get it really thin and then we used another attachment to make the strips.  We made linguini.  

Finally the finished product!  It turned out so good and with 4 of us it didn't take that long to make.  I definitely want to try and make it again.