Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sadie Hawkins

 Last night Ava and I went to my friend Lisa's to see her daughter and friends get ready for the Sadie Hawkins dance.  For Sadie Hawkins the girls ask the boys.

Here are the freshman girls all dressed up and ready for the dance.

Ava is in eighth grade so she can't go to the dance yet :-(. She had  fun taking pics with all her friends.  Here is Ava with Lisa's daughter Chloe.

Ava went to grade school with these girls.  I'm so glad they are still all friends. 

Ava and her friend Shapri.  They play basketball together.

The boys also came over to take pictures.

Ava's boyfriend Ryan is a freshman and came too.  He went with his friends to the dance because Ava couldn't go.

Lisa's younger daughter is also named Ava so we always like to take a picture of our two Ava's together :-)

Here is Lisa and me.  We  are two tired Mamas after the kids left for the dance!

It was a fun Friday night