Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Throwback Tuesday

Since I was sick as a dog yesterday this post is a day late....June 2015 was a BIG month for us!  So big in splitting it into two weeks.  I went away for a girls weekend with my BFF Melany who moved to Florida and Brock played his last high school baseball game.  He also had prom and graduated from high school but I'll save those pics for next week 

My besties and I went on a girls weekend to Saratoga to celebrate Melany's big move to Florida.  We ate, danced, shopped and talked and had a great time!  And next month we will be reunited when we visit Melanyband out other bestie Sara  in Florida!  

Brock's baseball team won the sectional championship!  It was an awesome game and the boys were so thrilled to win!

Brock with his Coach.  Brock learned so much from him and I'm glad we have this picture of them together.  

 Brock was interviewed for TV after the game.  That was exciting-ha ha!

June 2015 was a great month!