Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Weekend

Graig and Ava are better but I was sick with a cold all weekend. I pushed through on Saturday but today I felt awful  and got nothing accomplished except for getting my hair cut. Thankfully my friend Rachael cuts my hair at her house so I went over in my pj's :-)

Yesterday morning Rachael and I hosted our monthly  kids crafts at the grocery store her family owns. It was well below 0 and we only had a few kids come but the kids that were there had a good time.  We painted with different fruits and vegetables. 

For lunch I headed to a brewery with my gal pals to taste a new beer they created.  I thought it was awful but people loved it and were buying cases of it.  I'm  glad we got a table so we could eat lunch. 

I got my usually fruity drink that was tons better than the nasty beer!

After lunch my friend Barb and I were in a fashion show during a women's conference.  We modeled casual wear.  

Ava and I made treats for some of our favorite little valentines. 

My friend texted me this picture and I texted it to Brock. How sweet!

My friend made these gorgeous cookies for my students that I'll give out tomorrow at work. 

Graig made us spaghetti tonight for dinner and we had a quiet dinner at home.  It was lovely.