Friday, November 7, 2008

Blog Awards! Tag You're It!

This week has been super, crazy busy at work and with Brock and Ava. Brock started basketball practice last night and this is watch week at Ava's dance studio so we get to go to her classes and watch her dance. It's so much fun. Today and Saturday I have the annual Emerging Leaders conference for freshman and sophomore students, I have 60 students signed up so I have been so busy this week getting everything prepared for the conference!

My friend Allison and Old Friends and New Shoes whose blog just discovered and I love reading gave me this award this week. Thanks so much I love it!!

I give this award to:

Buzzings of a Queen Bee- I love her blog and all her great tips to make your house a home.

Bless our Nest-I love the way she decorates!! Her house is so cute!

Always organizing-I love reading her blog for her great organizing tips! She has great ideas. It's also fun to read about her upcoming wedding.

I was also tagged last week by Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan so here goes.

My top 4 wishes

1. I want Brock and Ava grow up happy and healthy. I love seeing them laugh and play everyday. I hope when they look back on their childhood they have lots of good memories growing up.

2. I hope that we can save enough money to send Brock and Ava to college and pay off our mortgage early. We don't want them to have to take out student loans to pay for college and it will be so nice when we don't have a mortgage!

3. I really want a new kitchen, I love our house so much and I would love to have a new kitchen.

4. I want to be super skinny and not have to worry about what I eat!

4 places I want to travel

1. New York City with Ava to visit the American Girl Doll Store

2. Florida with Graig (without Brock and Ava) so we can lay on the beach and relax!

3. I am planning a mom/son trip for Brock and his friends and their mom's as a 6th grade graduation trip! We are planning to go to an amusement park and stay at a hotel for a weekend in July next summer. There should be about 15-20 of us and it should be tons of fun!!

4. I would love to visit Italy with my mom and sister.

4 careers I want to be involved in

1. I always tell Graig that I would be a really good stay at home mom. I could cook amazing dinners and our house would always be clean. I would love it!!

2. I would love to own a home/craft store. I think it would be so fun to own a store with my sister Shelby or my friend Allison, we would have so much fun!!

3. I would love to be a real estate agent. I think it would be so fun helping people pick out a home! Especially young couples and families.

4. I would love to have a website design business and help people develop websites. I know a little about web design and I really want to learn more about it.

I tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this! Have a great weekend everyone!!


Amy (Metz) Walker said...

I so imagine that if I had kids my first 2 of the 4 wishes would be the same...and the other two ARE the same!