Monday, November 17, 2008

This and That

I found this while I was cleaning our basement over the weekend. Ava loves to put on "Dance Shows" for us and she always makes a list of what we can buy to eat during her show. She is so precious.

I got my ornament from the Ornament Exchange that I signed up for that Pampering Beki organized. I love my ornament, it is so cute!! It will look so cute on our Christmas Tree!

Tonight at work we had our annual Pageant. I coordinate this pageant and I am always a little nervous before it happens. Luckily, this year I had a great group of students that worked on a committee all semester to make sure the pageant was a success, here is a picture of the student committee with the winners. I am so glad it's over! The "Mr." winner, Jordan, works in my office, Brock loves hanging out with him when he comes to work with me.


AG said...

Cute ornament!

You going to the game tonight?

Shelby said...

Hi Ang,

Ava and I are kindred spirits--we both like to clean and when we were little tried to start businesses! Remember I always used to charge mom for a hair salon when I was young--she always played along, even though I know the end product probably wasn't great! Miss you all!