Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea to share my Friday favorites.  I am soooo happy it's Friday!  This is s BIG weekend for me I am coordinating a leadership conferencefor students this weekend and we have a few fun things planned for our little family.   

This weekend I am coordinating a leadership conference named in honor of my mentor who passed away in 2009.  I've spent a lot of time putting this conference together this year  and I'm thrilled this weekend is finally here!  

Yesterday Ava and I went to hear Anne give her talk on Denmark at the Rotary meeting.  Anne made chocolate Danish cookies for her presentation and they were so good!
My friends Rachael, Jenn and I are organizing two "plant and pose" events at Jenn's farm.  We are so excited!  At this event  people will come to the farm and take a yoga class with Jenn and then Rachael and I will help them plant a succulent to take home.  
I saw this quote online and I love it!  I'm trying really hard to give everyone and everything in my life some love and attention and this quote helps me to remember I can't help anyone if I'm not filling up my cup.  So lately I've been filling up my own cup by taking time for myself-reading, working out, doing yoga and being creative are the little ways I've been filling my own cup.
I got this little beauty at the Philadelphia garden show.  It's a maiden hair fern  and they are known for being very finicky houseplants. This blog shares some hilarious tips about taking take of this diva of a houseplant.   
I've also been growing succulents.  I cut stems from some succulent plants that I have and put them in water. After a few weeks they grow roots (you can see them in this picture) and now I'll plant them in a pot with soil and I'll have a new succulent plant :-). 
I got this new book in the mail yesterday.  I've been following Clean Mama's blog for years and I'm excited to read her newest book.  I love reading books on cleaning and organizing.  I can't wait to see what good tips are in this new book. 
In addition to the conference this weekend-Ava has a basketball game, we have a going away party for a friend, we are going to Graig's referee dinner and I'm going to try and make homemade pasta.  It's going to be a busy and FUN weekend ahead.

I hope you've had a great week!  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Philadelphia flower show

Last week my friend Jenn and I went to the Philadelphia flower show.  The Philadelphia flower show is the oldest and longest running flower show in the country.  Each year they have a theme and this year the theme was Holland:Floweing the World.  

The entrance to the show was absolutely spectacular.  We spent lots of time in the grand entrance garden. It was truly amazing.  I loved all the beautiful tulips in this garden. 


They even had flowers on the ceiling!

We went to two classes during the show.  The first class was about succulent jewelry.  I love succulents and thought this was so interesting and inspiring.  

After our first class we decided to relax in the garden spa.  It was a lovely way to spend an hour at the show. We got a mini massage, made a scented sachet, sampled wine, and tried aromatherapy.

After the spa we walked around the Show some more and took in all of the beautiful flowers and arrangements.  




In the afternoon we went to a class on flower arranging.  Three designers made arrangements using the same flowers and containers and the audience got to vote for their favorite.

Here is the winning arrangement.

After our second class we did some wine/spirit  tasting.  They had a huge area set up for this and it was so fun!  


I love making mixed drinks and a few of the vendors had recipe cards that we could take to make their drinks at home.  So fun!!

We spent our last hour at the show looking at the succulent displays and shopping  in the marketplace. 

I love succulents and they had a whole area dedicated to them!



After our tour through the succulents our last stop of the day was a trip to the marketplace.  There were 180 vendors there selling anything and everything related to plants and gardening.



It was a fabulous trip.  We had a great time and we can't wait to go back next year. 


Monday, March 20, 2017


Yesterday our Ava turned 15! She brings so much joy and  love to our family and I'm thrilled we had a day to celebrate her.


This weekend was full of activities so we celebrated with a quick trip to the new Five Guys that opened up in our town.  Ava loved it!


All day Saturday and half of Sunday Ava had an overnight retreat to get ready for her Rotary youth exchange.  She had to introduce herself and give a greeting in Czech during the retreat.  She practiced so much and I was thrilled when she texted us to let us know that she did her introduction in front of the whole group.


Ava also had  two basketball practices yesterday afternoon and evening.  Her afternoon practice was for AAU and her evening practice was for an  all section game that she'll be playing in this week.  


We love our girl so much and I can't believe she's 15!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snow Days

Over the past two days we got the biggest snow storm we have had in years.  We ended up getting 30 inches of snow!   We were snowed in Tuesday and half of yesterday.  I spent a lot of time these last few days reading and watching Netflix. 


I took these pictures from our back door so you can see how the snow just piled up on Tuesday.  

Ava, Anne and I walked  around the block just to get out of the house in Tuesday.  The snow was so deep!  




We had to turn around after walking 1/2 the block because the snow was up past our knees. Here's our neighbors house where we turned around.  Her poor car is buried!


The snow banks in front of our house were huge.  The girls had a good time falling in them.


Here's our house and G's  truck covered in snow.


G went out a few times Tuesday to keep up with the snow blowing.


It was so fun to be snowed in!  Tuesday night for dinner I made chicken pot pie and we just hung out at home. 


By yesterday at noon we were able to get out of the house.  G went to work and the girls and I met some friends for lunch. I also went outside and took a few more pictures of the snow.

It's crazy to me how the snow almost covers our picket fence!  


This is in our living room.  See how high the snow is up on the window! 


Things are pretty much back to normal today.  I am praying this is the last of the snow for us!